Sep 12
The term used when you call someone and they hit the ignore button on their cell phone, to avoid speaking with you.

The term originates with Nextels because they have a side button to do that.

You know you've been side buttoned if it rings for a shorter time than usual before going to voicemail.
Mark: Oh no! Greg is calling
Jessica: Don't answer it!
Mark: Good idea, I'll side button him.

Greg: What the fuck, TWO rings? Fuck Mark for side buttoning me.
by Li Hibbs August 21, 2005
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Sep 10
unimportant; trivial. how the events that happened on 9/10/01 compared to the events that happened on 9/11/01.
man, why do you care if she doesn't have an orgasm? that's so september 10th.
by whodey June 13, 2004
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Sep 9
to mark the end of a conversation and your departure. opposite of word up
"Dude, I gotta run, word out"
by Shells April 21, 2004
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Sep 8
when you have alot of stuff to fit in a little space like packing a suitcase or filling a trunk of a car with bags.
skeptic - "I don't think we can fit the body, the chainsaw, the money bags, and the beer cooler in this little trunk."
doer - "we'll just have to tetris it"
by Bobby Habibi August 12, 2005
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Sep 7
the coolest, freest, and yet deepest music humans have ever made
Listen to those crazy cats wailing out that sexy jazz.
by David Le Ber September 04, 2003
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Sep 6
A wish or desire accompanied by confident expectation of its fulfillment.
When all is lost you can only have hope to get by.
by HT January 26, 2004
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