Used to indicate sarcasm when used in the context of instant messenging.
DAMN! Your ass is hugeeeeeeee!~
by d-diggity August 14, 2009
Shorter form of tl;dr and used as the entire content of a forum post or comment to tell people that they are being too wordy.

This might be ~ for some people.
Jack: blah, blah, blah, long forum post.
Jill: ~
by titerati February 17, 2010
Used to informally close a letter, note, email or what-so-ever. It looks like a wave, and so it is used: as a written gesture.
Hi Peter,
Thanks for stopping by this weekend. Did you receive my invitation for the party this weekend?
Hope to see you soon.
by Edje K Detje February 18, 2009
When you place the tilde sign (~) before and after your name it represents a wave good-bye with just a hint of sexiness!
You know it's true :-), U Bet ~Ken~ :-0
by Stairs73 April 09, 2008

n: 1) a punctuation symbol denoting the speaker's penchant for wrist flopping, impeccable grooming, and lispy delivery. 2) The Rosetta Stone to Excel spreadsheets when combined with the Ctrl button. 3) Snake tongue.
~ = Tilde

"Heyy~" -(homosexual male)

More commonly used as: "Heyy~"

by Chi-ster August 12, 2008
gay, fag, faggot, homosexual, queer. One night on xfire (the gaming instant messenger) two astute men decided that the ~ (tilde) key is in fact the gayest key on the keyboard. So instead of calling someone a "fag" they could quickly hit the ~ key to give the same meaning. Now they came to this conclusion just by the actual physical appearance of the key, do to its curved and queer nature.
"Dude your such a ~"
"Your so ~, i heard you # your dad last night"
by Jeff and Adam April 03, 2007
Tilde. The best letter ever. Used as a diacritic mark in Spanish (ã, õ, ñ).
yourmom: yo sup
linkinparkownz: nuffin
yourmom: k
OxeyeDaisy: We interrupt this program. You have been tilde'd. ~~~~~~
Bot: linkinparkownz WAS KICKED.
Bot: yourmom WAS KICKED.
OxeyeDaisy: Hehehe... ·_-
by Oxeye Daisy October 06, 2006
When you add the tilde sign (~) after your name it represents mass coolness :D
Jenna~ ate a cookie dough flurry
by Obv Kory? March 24, 2007
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