1. Sarcasm symbol. Originally created when two overly sarcastic teens needed to clarify sarcasm from truth. Usually placed after a sarcastic statement.

2. Also can be used as a symbol to show when the statement was meant to be a joke.
Aram: I nearly drowned in the pool today.
Vivian: Sounds like the best day ever~
by Honest Abe from Glendale January 13, 2011
The " console " key.
It's in most FPS games, try it and see :p
by StriderXx December 16, 2004
sarcasm for the internet used at the end of a sentence
guy1- That Barbie doll is so cool.~
guy2- I know its so cool.~
by sarcasmguy4827 March 15, 2009
This symbol is a sarc mark, which is used to convey sarcasm when communicating via internet, text, IM, etc.
The entirety of the sarcastic statement should be encompassed by the sarc mark.
Girl: ~George W. Bush was the greatest president that the United States of America has ever had!~
Guy: ~Totally~
by LexQueenOfTheWorld May 17, 2011
When I Fail touching enter in the keyboard.
Shit i pressed ~ by mistake now i have to press backspace.
by Gabrieluz August 29, 2010
~ is used like quotation marks to represent sarcasm.

ex) ~That test was so easy~
ex) ~Yea, your cooking was disgusting~
~That test was so easy~
~Yea, your cooking was disgusting~
by howtotypesarcasm February 20, 2010
Used to indicate sarcasm when used in the context of instant messenging.
DAMN! Your ass is hugeeeeeeee!~
by d-diggity August 14, 2009

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