To loose mental conciousness, though the body is still active. To loose awarness, espically while someone is speaking. To pretty much loose your track of mind, and look like a drooling idiot in the middle of a conversation.
Freind: Dude! hey dude, I'm talking to you!
You: Oh, wait what? I'm sorry, I completely zoned.
Freind: God, you got this really blanked out look on your face...
You: Man, I was totally out of it, wasn't I?
Friend: Yeah, pretty much.
You: Sorry, man. I'll try not to zone anymore
by Total War January 16, 2009
an ounce.
for marijuana: 28 grams...4 quarters.
shit, that nigga bought a zone last night & he already smoked all of it!

he said he wouldn't sell me a zone. i think it's because i'll get a quarter for free & he won't make as much money.
by amanda lynne June 09, 2005
The name used by a rather well known flash artist who specializes in hentai animations. He allegedly visits 4chan's /co/ board, and takes their requests. He also appears to be against, or at least loathes, the Furry fandom, yet he was commissioned to do a furry themed flash, not to mention porn of Roger Rabbit and Krystal.

He also doesn't want to reveal his sexual identity, just to build speculation.
Patrick: "I stayed up till three at the morning, and I woke up at six."
Kevin: "Why, cause you were watching Zone's newest flash?"
Patrick: "Not only that..."
by GimmeAName April 18, 2011
Zone being short for Ozone, which is a nickname for an ounce that originated in the late 70's or early 80's in regards to drugs or more specifically cocaine.
I went down to West Ninth to score a zone for me and my girls before we head out.
by Docnasty July 28, 2006
Something you say after playing call of duty and getting many kills or playing soccer and you make a goal or making a slm dunk home run etc.
Guy 1- holy shit nigga I'm in the zone
by the troller May 08, 2014
Another word for the 'Oyster Cards' the blue plastic cards used to travel in place of tickets on London underground and busses.
e.g. "I'm to hungover to drive, got your Zones?", or "I need to top up my Zones"

Sung to the tune of I Got Life by Nina Simone:
I got my arms, I got my hands
I got my fingers, got my legs
I got my feet, I got my toes
I got my liver, got my zones

Got life , I got my life
by Neilyneil July 23, 2008
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