The zone is a reference to the entire anal area, which includes the anus and taint.
"I pulled out before I came and blew my load in her zone."
by Evamo December 03, 2011
Your appearance. Your zones is your carefully sculpted appearance.
*Goes and sticks a twig in his afro*
"Hey man, don't mess with mah zones!"
by Dylan Hewson April 20, 2005
1) Used to express a state of extreme relaxation

2) To describe a certain individual's personality

3) Indulging in the use of marijuana

4) Used to describe the effects of marijuana on an individual
eg. 1) "I just want to zone after exams"

eg. 2) "Ah swear, he real zone"

eg. 3) "Am gonna zone dawg!"

eg. 4) guy1: "What happened to him?"
guy2: "he hit sum kush a whle ago, nw he just zone"
by guyfromtrini June 11, 2011
The State of Arizona
I'm in Phoenix, Arizona and I'm definitely lovin' the Zone.

John and Cindy are from the Zone.
by Mountainous Arizonan April 27, 2009
To be performing perfectly in tennis.
I got bashed today bagel style in tennis. He was totally in the zone.
by MrPositive October 25, 2010
An Atlanta Police Department patrol area that break Atlanta into different regions.
Zone 1: Westside
Zone 2: Northside
Zone 3: Southwest A.K.A. S.W.A.T.S. Da Bricks
Zone 4: Southside
Zone 5: Downtown
Zone 6: Eastside

Niggas dat don't believe. Check out I know for a fact zone 3 is not southeast or considered College Park or EP, thats zone 4 buddy
by Mr. Jackson Da Bad Guy July 12, 2008
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