to completely block out an indvisual for sayin something stupid
kid: whats 2+2=
kid2: ur fucking zoned

then every one in the area would turn there back to them after saying zone

you are zoned ( zone )
by Daniel Barker May 12, 2008
As in cal-zone. Folded over za.
"Let's go to bella for a zone"
by jgbk June 13, 2006
A type of weed or marijuana.
"Yo this Zone is great, son"
by ThatKnowItAllKid May 02, 2010
how police precints are broken down in atlanta
niggas rep they hoods by zones
zone 1 - 6
1 - bankhead\westside
2 - Downtown
3- Southside Oakland City, Sylvan Hills, Some of eastpoint\college park
4 - ben hill, adamsville, Westside
5- Downtown\Buckhead
6- Eastside Atl city limits
by ualreadyknow April 01, 2006
to be in the "zone"
-plastered, stoned, feeeling good
man im so in the zone
by zahooone October 21, 2003
an area of someones neighborhood could go up to zone 5 maybe more where i come from you can be in "zone 1'" or "zone 2" and thats the name of your gang.
"yea nigga he looks like hes in zone 3."
"wut gang are you in?" "zone 4."

by Demetrius March 09, 2005
Zone is short for the "Friend Zone". Usually when a boy tries to be so called woman's boyfriend, but miserably fails and ends up becoming her best friend instead. Being stuck in the zone is really a bad position, because if a guy stuck in the zone pulls a move on the girl, they will probably end up never talking again, even as best friends. Usually this will result in chronic masturbation.
Guy : Hey, we should go on a study date sometime, I'm in my zone!
Guy : Haha yeah *gets a boner through sweatpants*
by arsalansiddiqui July 08, 2015

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