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Can be used as a verb, noun or adjective.

1)Used to describe the state of one's mental stability after a very challenging task.

2)The act of severely confusing an individual.
eg. "That paper rip my skull" - verb

"He tell me sum shit an rip my skull" -verb

eg. "Inception was real rip skull" - adjective

eg. "Yuh see that rip skull called Add Maths, I drop that."
by guyfromtrini June 11, 2011
1) Used to express a state of extreme relaxation

2) To describe a certain individual's personality

3) Indulging in the use of marijuana

4) Used to describe the effects of marijuana on an individual
eg. 1) "I just want to zone after exams"

eg. 2) "Ah swear, he real zone"

eg. 3) "Am gonna zone dawg!"

eg. 4) guy1: "What happened to him?"
guy2: "he hit sum kush a whle ago, nw he just zone"
by guyfromtrini June 11, 2011

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