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See z0id.
by MBorel September 16, 2003
n. Alternate slang for nerd. Can be an insult or compliment depending on its context and the speaker's intent.
"Man, I am such a zoid!"
by KingShit November 20, 2003
An individual who spends hours upon hours playing video games.

An individual who is very talented playing video games.
An individual who is very knowledgeable/talented at a certain activity.
John has been playing Zelda for 8 consecutive hours, he is a zoid.
You beat the game in 2 hours, you are a zoid!
You zoid! How did you learn how to play air hockey so well?
Bill, would you like to zoid with me?
I will meet you there in an hour Katie, I am currently zoiding.
by Eldorado1 November 16, 2009
zoids are white trash, or anyone who looks like they're white trash. trash-a-zoid
anyone considered "white trash" is a zoid.
by logtec May 30, 2009
Another slang word commonly used to refer to a female, can be an individual or a group.
1) Check out that pack of zoids over there
2) That is a pretty nice zoid

by bukkake fashions October 21, 2008
A sentient Cyber-organic life form living on the Planet Zi. Mainly used for war or labor.

A Mecha from the Anime Series or Model kit line of the same name.

some sort of Golf club..
I'm going to build my Zoid Model kit
by Rob T September 15, 2003
a cigarette, typically a Camel Wide due to it's size
Hey, can I get a zoid?

Dude, I am zoidless.
by Destado1 February 25, 2010