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An unpleasant by-product of life in modern society.
Though seemingly easier, life in today's society causes more stress than ever before.
Bob finds the endless repetition of his 9 to 5 life stressful.
Bob was quite stressed after his wife divorced him and won 80% of their combined assets in court.
"Bob had a nervous breakdown after he lost all his money in Enron shares. He should stress less."
by KingShit November 21, 2003
1.) Female member of a sporting team's cheer squad. Characterised as attractive, unintelligent/naive, and bitchy; highly concerned with body image, appearance, and popularity. Hyperactively supports, barracks and dances for their team during a sporting event. Usually date and sleep with jocks.

2.) Female equivalent of fanboy. Derived from the cheerleaders' blind faith in, and support of, their team. Used in application to figures such as particular bands, actors, ideals, styles, pop culture/television shows, countries, and so on. Like fanboys, cheerleaders are unable to discuss their idol objectively and maturely, rendering conversation with them useless and frustrating. This also makes their opinion on the topic superfluous.

see also: (1) jock, ditz, (2) fanboy
(1) Candi, Becki and Cindi are all cheerleaders for the Washington State football team.

(2) "Ann Coulter doesn't offer anything useful to political discussion, she's just a cheerleader for the hard right!"
"Ugh. That airhead Cindi is a cheerleader for anything the mainstream tells her is cool."
by KingShit November 20, 2003
n. Alternate slang for nerd. Can be an insult or compliment depending on its context and the speaker's intent.
"Man, I am such a zoid!"
by KingShit November 20, 2003
n. A tard. Most commonly applied to people who are actually mentally retarded, but can be used to insult almost anyone.
"I walked into the bathroom at school the other day and there was a zoob jerking off into the urinal. That shit freaked me out!"
"Jerry got so drunk last night he gave himself brain damage. So he's like, a zoob now."
by KingShit November 20, 2003

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