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an animal like robot on planet Zi
"Zoids is an ok show, pretty funny too."
by Dirge February 01, 2005
A Bust Down; one who has sex with multiple partners without hesitation: one who is always ready to get down with the team.
Her Zoid-ass has 7 boyfriends and 3 baby daddies.
by peanut jenkins October 21, 2003
A Warforged wizard/fighter/rogue in the Dungeons and Dragons campaign realm of Eberron. Zoid can be found on the Sarlona server in Dungeons and Dragons Online.
"Zoid prepared to cast magic missle into the darkness."
by Darcy Klyne May 11, 2008
1.The slang term for "white person", derived from the word "Caucasoid".

2.A derogatory term used to describe a know it all/uppity (white) person.
"Someone needs to tell that zoid to slap their noisy kids the hell up before I do."

"Yea, I had to listen to those zoids talking all over their face as usual."
by WordZombie January 29, 2008
Taken from "freakazoid", these people are the ones who are gothic and wear nothing but black clothes, have black makeup, and black hair.
Look at that zoid over there
by Kingsy March 09, 2006
a high-powered fighting robot evolved from a combination of insect/reptile life and strange metal called 'zoid lignite/magnite'. they come from planet zi and have been bred/evolved into machines that humans can ride in/pilot.
let's have us a zoid battle!
by ColdFusion August 07, 2003
one who plays video games to the point where his/her eyes start to bleed
That zoid played Zelda for 14 fucking hours straight the other day.
by big burls September 17, 2002