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6 definitions by MBorel

A slang term for the weekly manga magazines which are quite common in Japan and nerd specialty stores. These weekly manga are considerably huge and used use thin paper similar to that found in phonebooks, hence the name "Phonebook Manga".
You'd have a lot more space in this room if you threw away some of those phonebook mangas.
by MBorel July 15, 2003
See z0id.
by MBorel September 16, 2003
This word is one of the many anomolies in the English language, as it has no set definition. Although rarely used, it has been seen in the form of nouns, adjectives, and even nick-names. The most widespread mentioning of zoober occured in the form of a character named Zeb Zoober in the Disney movie "The Country Bears". The fact that this is "zoober"'s most famous appearance is saddening to most zoober enthusiasts because it is a commonly agreed upon fact that "The Country Bears" is a really shitty movie. When a person or group of people start start using the word zoober, it is usually not because they heard the word elsewhere, but because one of them made some sort of phonetical mistake, causing the word to be accidentally uttered. Only one of these such events has been recorded, and this definition shall present an abridged version (names have been omitted to protect privacy):

Person X was spending the night at person Y's house, and at a certain point X began to watch Y play the SNES game "Super Metroid". In the opening sequence of this game, the player sees his avatar travel to a planet, under which there is a caption entitling the planet "Zebes". Somewhere in X's clouded mind, the sound of "Zebes" metamorphosized into zoober, and without warning X blurted out the newfound word, much to the amusement of Y. Since then, "zoober" has become a common word among X's and Y's group of friends.
1. Dude, that's totally zoober.
2. What the zoober is going on?
3. Excuse me while I zoober on outta here.
by MBorel July 18, 2003
One of many variations among the differing "L337" dialects, "z0id" is a suffix which adds a L337 property to a normal word or complexity to an already L337 word. The "z0r" suffix is much more common than "z0id", meaning that there are few who actively speak the "z0id" dialect. Z0id is also often looked down upon by the more common z0r speakers as a inferior and unneccesary mutation of an already confusing form of speaking. Therefore, the numbers of z0id speakers are dwindling, and it is unlikely that they will be missed. As a side note, z0id sometimes becomes "0id" depending on the word.
Shitzoid! That damn haxoid fragzoided me! Fuckzoid my nutzoid!
by MBorel July 18, 2003
See yiff. Although yff is often seen as a typo for "yiff", the occurence of the "yff" spelling is so common that it is feasable to think of both of these spellings as correct. If using this word primarily in it's otomatopoeia form, it seems that "yff" is more commonly used, but when using this word as a subject or part of a sentance, "yiff" seems to be more proper.
yff yff yff yff yff yff yff yff
by MBorel July 18, 2003