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a rating system were something that looks abit fruity, or just pleasant to the eye receives a zing
check the bumper on that girl she definately gets my zing rating
by tupat August 12, 2008
3 72
Jeffrey Clifford
zinggg fuck life
by anonymousbestworstomgyew August 26, 2008
4 75
Forced felattio; having a penis in one's mouth.
<Fred> man Dave's been taking zings all night
by Chaos March 27, 2005
6 77
/zɪŋ/ Exclamative;
1. A noise made when a person, place, or thing is discriminated against in a humorous manner.
2. A sound describing that of sharp objects being flung through the air.
Hey. These eggs are a little hot. I'd like them a little colder. Cold. Like your heart. Zing!"
by Margh August 06, 2008
53 125
Verb : To stick your finger up someones ass...
"We were at the bus stop and I zinged her good, man..."
by tehWizard July 05, 2005
7 79
to mock in a delightfully funny manner. Usually involves cursing
Why don't you eat, shit and die, oh that's a zing
by TC1 November 02, 2002
3 75
Zing is a word people are trying to inherit instead of killed
Farmer: your a boner biter.
Hobbs: Zing!
by Farmer-oban September 27, 2005
8 81