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A penis in the size, shape, and stature, such as that of a horse's
Brett has a horsecock; it's the biggest dick I've ever seen
by carl June 10, 2002
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A very large dick, like a horse
Holy shit look at his horse cock
#big dick #zebra dic #anaconda #horsey #shea
by hooorse September 03, 2006
1. A physiological phenomenon where the male organ grows to enormous size. 2. Any penis that exceeds 18 to 20 inches with a girth exceeding 4 inches.
"He has a terrible case of horsecock."
"I'm sorry, I really love you, but there is no way I can take a horsecock."
"We saw this movie where this girl attempted to do this guy with a huge horsecock."
by Anonymous December 05, 2002
in the electricity industry: thick cable types (such as 2/5)
we need to run 200 feet of horse cock to the transformer.
#2/5 #cable #electrician #electricity #technician
by grz March 28, 2007
A huge cock that not all women can handle and many won't even try.
Ikki is hiding a horsecock in those shorts.
#donkeycock #huge dong #giant dong #massive cock #meat bat
by Yuki the Lover September 10, 2010
A word commonly used in Reno, NV amongst a select group of people to yell at pedestrians and bicyclists while operating a motor vehicle
Passenger (at homeless guy): HORSECOCK!!!!!!!!
Driver: Ha, you horsecocked that guy pretty good
#ballhair #assclown #horse cock #horscok #whorescock
by Earl G May 13, 2008
A Grilled Stuft Burrito from Taco Bell.
I've yet to meet a man that can eat two horse cocks.
by Hull Kogan March 08, 2004
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