A non-fatal electric shock
"Damn I just got zinged by that electric cable, dagnammit!"
by Evfedu February 21, 2006
When you have killed someone in an arguement you or someone around you may exclaim "ZING" has loudly as possible whilst pointing directly at the person
Some Guy: Hey sat next to skeletor here you look like hercules.

Homer: ZING!
by Mark Handley March 09, 2004
describing something of such great wonder and astonishing characteristics emphasizing the -zing in amazing.
The stars are zing tonight.
Man that stripper last night was zing.
You are zing.
by zzinger June 29, 2010
word to be used after someone does a crap punchline
Angus: your gay
Donald: your mums gay
Dylan: ZING!
by annnnnnngus January 25, 2009
a rating system were something that looks abit fruity, or just pleasant to the eye receives a zing
check the bumper on that girl she definately gets my zing rating
by tupat August 12, 2008
Getting a penis in the mouth

i.e. raped orally
"Man, Dave's been getting zinged a lot tonight"
"Yeah, I hope he uses mouthwash"
by Fred March 27, 2005
to thrust your pelvic region in a outward motion while saying "zing" usually toward someone of the feminent gender.
i was hanging at the bar the other day and two hot babes were there needless to say i zinged em and spilt the blondes drink.
by garth90210 March 12, 2010
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