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Past tense combination of "zing" and "singe," where the "zing" involves an insult, which singes (slightly burns) the recipient. Can be pronounced to rhyme with the past tense of "zing" or "singe," just to make it more interesting and to be more consistent (in terms of inconsistency) with so many other words of the English language. Usually, the insult is offered as mild, witty sarcasm or a fascetious comment where the gravity of the insult is relatively minor and the point of zinging it is calculated to achieve only a slight burn.
My daughter really zinged me when she humorously questioned my general ability to be succinct. I have never been more proud!
by texlex61 February 04, 2010
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to joke or scoff at a remark.
Othello, at first, zinged at Iago’s remarks or Desdemona’s affair with Cassio.
by Bard Book November 29, 2009
When someone gets hits you with a zinger
Thats what she said
Yo! Vezzo he zinged you
by Vezzo November 08, 2007

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