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Close friends. People you frequantly hang out with or see
Im heading out to hang with my weebles tonight at the club
by BIGGDAD September 05, 2009
Zebra is a woman who is free spirited and can not be tamed. They can be the most loving that you will ever meet but if you attemt to put a saddle on them they will run away
So im dating this girl....I really like her but im taking it slow because shes a zebra
by BIGGDAD September 13, 2009
A burrito sized mummy referes to an extreemly large joint. It takes about 6 rolling papers to create one
Hey patna why dont you light up that burrito sized mummy you got rolled up
by BIGGDAD September 05, 2009
Kain Madness is a condition that occurs shortly after having sex with a woman for the first time and you gave it everything you have. Kain Madness is much like being a stage 5 clinger except the woman wasnt a virgin to begin with. Once a woman gets the Kain Madness, that pussy is yours for life but beware....it can also be a curse.

Symtoms Include: Clinging, paying for everything, putting up with any bs that you give her, calling all the time, throwing that ass at you, wet or constantly moist vagina while in your presence.

Kain Madness was created by BIGGDAD
Damn man...I didnt hold back with that chick lastnight at all and I think shes got a touch of the Kain Madness
by BIGGDAD September 11, 2009
A dorf popper is someone who enjoys farting in the bathtub and when the bubbles get to the top of the water, they pop them with there teeth. Not only is this a term for someone who actually does the act of popping a dorf...but it is also used as a dirogatory term. One final note: "dorf popper" is most commonly used in Germany
That guy is such a dorf popper.
by BIGGDAD September 11, 2009
I must take credit for this one myself. A wildabeast is a girl that is so ugly, fat, hairy and nasty that you would expect to see her in Africa on a safari.
So are you going on safari? Cause that chick your hittin on is definitly a wildabeast
by BIGGDAD September 11, 2009
Biscuits and Gravy is a term that was started by my fiancee Jaimie and her friend Melissa.

Biscuits and Gravy is another way to say "Oral Sex". It could be eather male or female recieving the oral. The important part is that the oral is so good that it ends up getting all sloppy and dripping....just like a big plate of biscuits and gravy
"So what are you doing tonight?"

"Im heading home. The wife text me and said she wants some biscuits and gravy"
by BIGGDAD September 13, 2009
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