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a mispronounced way of saying exactly
"zackly what i spected"
by nathanthebackstabber May 03, 2007
32 5
When a person's breath smells exactly(zacklie) like his butt.
No one would ever kiss that boy, he always has the zacklies!
by fatstuff August 05, 2006
30 11
When your breath smells zackly like your ass.
Man that guy has a bad case of zackly ...
by Crater14 July 02, 2009
17 10
when your mouth tastes zacklie like your asshole
after a hard night of pounding 40's i woke up with a bad case of the zacklies.
by scootterj69 January 19, 2009
6 2
Referring to very bad breath.
Your breath smells 'zacklie like shit.
by Rumpshaker October 24, 2004
7 3
When you wake up in the morning and your face looks 'zackly like your ass!
What the hell happened to your face, man? You like like you got the zacklies...?
by Silveh March 15, 2006
8 19