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you fucking bitch. This is used as a mean slur
*yfb i hate you!
*well i hate you to
by meeshellmybell March 20, 2008
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1. means "you fucking bitch" ; said out loud as "why eff bee" when you don't want the person you say it to to know what it means.
-If they ask you what you were saying, you say that you were:
a.) thinking of wyeth b, an favorite artist of yours
b.) calling your wife 'wifebee', your nickname for her.
c.) you say you take medicine for your sudden outbursts of rage.
d.) you don't tell them at all. then say more random letters like AJEKAUE to make them even madder.
1. teacher: im giving you a zero for this 100 pt assignment since it is a day late.
you: YFB!!!!!!!!!!!
teacher: excuse me?
you: no, no, nothing, nothing...

girl: i'm breaking up with you since you're a nerd. all you talk about are stupid comics and you always say 'fail' after everything.
boy: YFB!!!!!!!!!!!
girl: what????
by hatemeorloveme April 22, 2009
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"You Fucking Bitch Syndrome" Disease that develops in a guy when he finds out something he doesn't want to know from a girl after having sex.
After intercourse, Sara told Josh that she had clamydia. Josh started goin off and screaming at Sara. Josh got checked and found out that he not only had clamydia but he also had YFBS.
by phear me ho February 05, 2008
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Don't get me wrong, Dave's a great guy. He's just too nosy for my taste. I'll be sitting on the couch reading the paper and he'll be breathing down my neck mumbling "whatcha reading?" He's in yfb all the time.
by oogalaboogala November 06, 2007
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