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Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease. It make your pussy smell like rotten clams, and your pussy lips get hard like clam shells.
My wife want a divorce because I gave her CHLAMYDIA. Who cares anyhow. Her pussy stinks and she's really starting to chafe my dick.
by 38 Caliber Kimo April 03, 2003
Clamydia is a silent diease that you can get from a chickenhead, hoe, slut, dirty nigga, or just trifling person. There doesn't have to be any symptoms and you can have a test come up negative. You need to ask for a clamydia test. This is more common than you think.
Keysha went to the doctor for a routine check up and got std tests to be safe. Sitting a home with her man, 3 days later she finds out she got Clamydia.
by It can happen to you. December 01, 2006
What you could get if you're not careful when you play around with bustdowns!
Shenequa gave Daiquon clamydia, so now he goes with LaWiesha
by Anonymous April 03, 2003
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