Yes are one of the worlds leading and longest-surviving progressive rock bands. They are probably best described as "the musicians' musicians" since very many of the more contemporary successful artists cite Yes or certain members of Yes as major influences on their style and career or as one of their favourite bands. Never interested in commercial singles they nevertheless forged their way into the annals of rock music history by, at the height of their fame, being the biggest rock band in the world during the 1973-1977 period. Most Yes fans regard Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman, Steve Howe and either Alan White or Bill Bruford as the "classic" line-up and their finest albums are "The Yes Album", "Fragile", "Close to the Edge", "Relayer" and "Going For The One" (from the 70's), "90125" and "Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe" (from the 80's), and "The Ladder" (from the 90's), with their last recording "Magnification" (recorded in late 2001) being one of their finest recordings. They have sold approaching 40 million albums and in the past 15 years relied upon touring to generate income with the unfortunate decline in album sales despite "The Ladder" and "Magnification", their last two studio albums, being right up there among their absolute best. Poor marketing and problems with their record labels, along with the fact that "Magnification" was released on 9/11 have meant that a wider, newer audience were not made aware of the quality of these newer recordings. The band benefit from probably one of the most loyal and significantly-sized fan bases in the world however, and they can still easily sell out major arenas, as witnessed during their last tour in 2004. Although presently on hiatus, it is likely that they will record a new album and tour in 2008 to celebrate their 40th anniversary.
Yes, Anderson, Squire, White, Wakeman, Bruford, Howe
by Colin Gibbs September 13, 2007
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1) An affirmative answer to a question, the opposite of no.
2) An expletive shouted out during an orgasm.
3) A British progressive rock (or art rock) group known for their hits "Roundabout" and "Owner of a Lonely Heart".
4) A brand of laundry detergent in the US.
1) Yes, I'm horny.
3) Let's listen to Yes.
4) I need to wash clothese, where's the Yes?
by LudwigVan March 12, 2004
Something girls never say to me.
Me: Hey, you want to go out for some coffee? (Please say yes, please say yes!)

Girl: Umm...No

Me: (I hate my life...)
by neverbeenonadate February 23, 2009
The answer to every question you'll be asked in life.

The opposite of everything relating to no.
Teacher: Jimmy, what is the capital of Syria?

Jimmy: Yes?
by The Literate Chatter-box October 21, 2004
The answer to the most annoying question a woman can ask.
Do I look fat?
by Hot Rob February 03, 2004
Progressive Rock band out of the U.K., who have had many different line-ups over the years and have totally kicked ass.
Roundabout has a kickass synth solo.

Owner Of A Lonely Heart is dope.

Yes are a fucking great band.
by BadLieutenant October 26, 2004
Besides its obvious literal meaning, Yes was a very very popular British progressive rock band, born in 1969 with the release of their first album, Yes. Famous members include Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Alan White, Bill Bruford and Rick Wakeman. Hit albums include Fragile, Relayer, Tales From Topographic Oceans, Going For the One, Time and a Word, and the disgustingly pop-themed (and hated by many Yes fans) 90125.
Here is some lyrics from a hit song, South Side of the Sky (Fragile):

Around the South Side,
So cold that we cried
Were we ever colder on that day!
A million miles away
It seemed from all of eternity!
by Dead Head June 28, 2005
A word said after every sentence for no apparent reason.
I like chocolate. Yes.
by ihitterdal April 30, 2007
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