The word that makes rape sex.
wona do it ?
by flopper September 25, 2005
a great rock band.
Is that Yes? Yes, it is.
by jerseywonton February 29, 2004
YES (E-Yes)

1- Used as a way to annoy someone and or be smart with them when replying to a yes or no question ultimately leading to other yes or no questions in which the other person would inevitably give up and lose all hope.

(Must be said in a high pitched voice emphasizing the E before the Y)
guy1: "Dude did you see the super bowl?"

guy2: "YES"

guy1: "It was a good game right?"

guy2: "YES"

guy1:"You seen that interception I aint see it coming."

guy2: "YES"

guy1: "Who were you going for?"

guy2: "YES"

guy1: "That's not answering, who did u want to win?"

guy2: "YES"

guy1: "Stop messing around"

guy2: "YES"

guy1: "Asshole."
by Wuffles69 January 27, 2010
The only reply you ever have to say. Easier to remember than both "yes" and "no"

And so forth.
by RP November 16, 2004
whispered, or screamed. its a moaning sound that lets your partner they've hit the right spot to make you climax. used in sexual intercourse.
him: *thud thud thud*
her: ooooh that feels goooooodd
him: *harder harder*
her: oooh god, yes! yes!!!! yes baby YES!!!!
by guess who its the shizz August 10, 2009
something you whisper when something good happens. see Yes!
*me completes super mario bros*
me: yessssssss
by anon123 May 03, 2005
No means no. Maybe means no. Yes means no. If she ever says any of these three, "no" is the translation.

P.S. If she gets pissed off at you, don't blame me. Blame women's fucked-up psycology.
Him: Let's fuck.
Her:I mean yes.
Him:Damn it!
by Doom Guy January 28, 2008

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