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Said with triumph after getting a reaction (usually a negative one) from someone else deliberately
A: I had sex with Collin and Barry today. I am sorry dear.

B: You slut!

by Bammmer February 15, 2004
What queers say while performing wrestling moves. Usually associated with RockNRollFPDTV who uses such moves as the "YEAH! Rock Crusher"
"YEAH! Dusty! Take it up the butt as usual!"
by J2k3 March 24, 2003
Said when something really gay was said.
Jimie denesio " Hot topic is the coolest store in the world".
Me. Yeah!
by john done August 13, 2003
the worst song ever..
i hate that song "yeah"
by gina August 15, 2004
A word Rob Balchunas says a lot

See also Rob Balchunas
Rob says yeah A LOT!
by Rob Balchunas March 14, 2003