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Rough translation: Cool breeze over the mountains.
The actor Keanu Reeves.
by Theodore Logan April 20, 2003
To perform Matrix-moves, in ways similar to Neo.
I totally went keanu on his a$$
by Daemus March 11, 2004
Keanus are sweet, amazing, loving guys. No matter what, a Keanu will always make you smile! They keep to themselves, but once you've earned their love or friendship, they'll be by your side forever. The only thing that sucks about Keanus is how sarcastic they are! It gets to a point where sometimes you don't even know when they're being sarcastic, or serious. They're sex gods, and will always hit the right spot. The best part is, it's not all about sex for them. Keanus make the best boyfriends because they treat their girlfriends like princesses. If you're dating a Keanu, hold onto him as long as possible. As long as he loves you, you'll be happy.
Girl 1: Dang, your boyfriend Keanu is so perfect!

Girl 2: I know.

Girl 1: Help me find one!

Girl 2: Find your own, he's mine!
by Keanu'sGirlfriendAri February 22, 2014
having a really blank look on your face, and not showing any emotion.
"That kid sitting on the couch over there looks so keanu."
"Yeah I don't think he knows anyone here he's probably really bored."
by Scraw April 13, 2009
1. A good actor
2. Does have emotion.
Why dont u just leave Keanu Reeves alone? Dipshit urself, u spending ur time dissing ppl, what losers!
by jacky March 10, 2004
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