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to not know wot to say nxt as a silent gap filler
i got laid laid last nite in the wrongest way possible,,he done the ostrich possition on me..he bent me over and stuck my head into a hole in the mud and hit my shit like that...........but yeah
by leogets2007 October 22, 2006
too cause pleasure leading to an orgasm. sea cucumber stylie
hey lou babes,your wanking me just fine,stop worrying ;)
by leogets2007 September 22, 2006
an edible wintery meal in the form of chicken,beef,sausages and the like cooked in a random wrongness ov vegatables and some kinda stock and if cooked ok it will not turn you white and kill you
hey louise that casarol wasnt cooked right..lee looks like def rite now and even dukie is looking rough and motionless ;)
by leogets2007 October 22, 2006
anger and frustration
fuck my old boots lou.i need to smash you into orbit asap
by leogets2007 September 05, 2006
to start a sentance instead of basically
technically the animalls came in 2 by 2 horrah horrah!
so technically nothing is on my agenda tommorow..
by leogets2007 October 22, 2006
living daylights,smashing the granny
see that chick there,look at her,mmmmm id smash the fucking granny out that lou i tell ya..
by leogets2007 September 27, 2006

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