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a smooth way to tell someone fuck no
hey you wanna go to the clay aiken concert? yeah no
by Tivo December 13, 2004
from the tricialuingis dialect meaning to ram a vagina with your hand on your penis
Dude he cockspeared that porno slut!!
by Tivo December 13, 2004
From the tivolinguis phrase herpfac meaning he who has many pimples
Yo he need some proactive on his herpeface!
by Tivo December 13, 2004
"Spladouche" is the onomatopoetic exclamation and physical act a woman performs during delivery of female ejaculate to the face of a partner.
Big Suze was rougher than the other dykes, she often ended her climax with a spladouche on her partner, but, I guess that's what to expect from a mature softball player.
by tivo February 29, 2012
A woman who wears a burqa
Its awful how we try to impress our western ideology on Muslims, I mean, I think the coat rack look is really chic.

Bro bro bro, listen, no joke, after wiggin-out on shrooms at that Middle Eastern restaurant, I thought a bunch of COAT RACKS were following me around.
by tivo February 25, 2012
From the raysmithalinguis dialect meaning sex, to "hit that" get some, or a food reference to vaginas
Yo modee you gettin some speghetti?
by Tivo December 13, 2004
doctors office. i have a weak bladder ok?
you know i cant hold it long and now im all wet at the center
by Tivo December 13, 2004

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