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One being, at any one time, completely and utterly stoned out of their box. Comes before the stage of "Mashed".
"I'm fucking potatoed..."
by Hannah R May 28, 2005
To get 'potatoed' or be in a 'potato' state usually refers to taking a slight overdose of MDMA caps or similar substance. One enters a state of potato or vegetable where the mind no longer references the regular world and only roots the munted state.
If entered in pairs or groups one can often only see the other participant as an actual raw potato on the couch, chair or public infrastructure.
"Fuck mate im potatoed!"
Jesus bruv... you are potatoed right now
by leopardskinpants January 21, 2015
Placing a potato in someone's personal area only to get them to take a "potato" quality picture of said potato.
"What's up with that crappy picture of a potato that Philip keeps asking about?"

"Someone put a potato on his desk. Dude got potatoed."
by UD Free May 11, 2016
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