A common sign of lack of sleep or boredom. It erupts from your mouth, kind of like a weird moan. Very contagious. You could experience a series of yawns just by seeing, hearing, and or thinking about yawning.
I have yawned 4.. no 5 times just while typing this definition.

FACT: You have or will yawn while reading this.
by lolicakes January 30, 2011
The sound I make while watching Family Guy.
Family Guy was on and I emitted a yawn.
by John M. Hanna August 21, 2007
When you're tired, and your jaw opens and you let out a gust of mighty man wind. Sometimes it sounds like a fart, but it works...Kind of
Oh jee willikers, I sure am tired...YAAAAWWWWNNing right now. The person would then open their jaw, yawns, and unleash fury
by Lettuceleaf June 18, 2011
A sign of weakness.
Quit yawning. This is Sparta!
by calldapopoho March 13, 2012
That thing that your brain is now telling your body to do.
After reading so much about yawning, urbandictionary.com readers all dropped into a contagious yawning spell.
by bballmason6 July 18, 2011
YAWNS (Young And Wealthy but Normal).

You wouldn't think our 30 year old neighbors are wealthy by the looks of it, but I hear they pull down 200K a year. They must be YAWNS
by Mike SIU May 28, 2008
getting bored by a noobs lil coments
ddw: i only get pwned coz your clan is a fucken cheaters clan

cool dude: yawn @ u lil noob
by tomy9999 October 12, 2005

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