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Something someone does when they need a big breath of air, or more air in their lungs. Usually it occurs when kids are bored at school.
*yawn* This teacher is so boring, all he talks about is his problems with his wife....geez, do we really need to know this to succeed in life? *yawwwwn* =(
by Dinah November 19, 2004
A word used by girly girls, poppers, and rich spoiled little brats. They use it in sentences, it doesn't really mean anything, its just their way of speaking.
-Are you going to do your makeup now, or in 30 seconds?
-Like, Totally, OMG!! Of course I'm gonna do it now, I can't let anyone see me without it, you know, like totally eeew.
by Dinah November 19, 2004
A person that thinks they know about the 50's and try to dress like the people back then.
Molly has a pompadour with a blonde streak in it, people in the 50's didn't do that! She is a faulkabilly.
by Dinah March 16, 2007
verb: to fold recklessly ; to crease ; to cause wrinklege
Fold the laundry nicely, Jerome...do NOT wibble it!!
Stop wibbling up that napkin, please, Beatrice.
by Dinah February 27, 2004

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