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a word often used by pirates whenever they have experienced a loss or pain
Yarr! My pirate's booty has been stolen.
by nope October 17, 2003
A pirate saying used in ancient times that could interpret to almost anything today.
I'm going to kill you and rape your wenches. This is some good grog. My parrot just died. The last time we tried that the ship caught on fire. etc.
by Jon February 07, 2004
An interjection. Can be used in nearly any sense, to convey any manner of emotion or simply waste breath and fill up blank space in a conversation. Derives its origin from the 'yarr' used by pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy during the 1500s to 1700s and appropriated from there.

"How are you feeling?"

And so I went up to this dude and he was totally like "Yarr."
by Caliban September 06, 2002
A word used to express all types of emotions, depending on the context of the situation, facial expression, and demeanor.
John: How are you today, Mary?
Mary: *sad face*. Yarr.

John: How are you today, Mary?
Mary: *happy face* YARR!
by Aubrey March 16, 2004
A general pirate exclamation that can mean nearly anything from pain to pride.

More recently used by particularly salty sailors.

Often incorrectly pronounced 'arr'
1.Captain: Yarr! Let's raid those lubbers!
Crew: YARR!!

2. Yarr! Where's me hook?
by Corsair Sailor September 19, 2007
A pirate exclamation. Meaning anything or nothing more than to remind the listener that the speaker is a pirate. A variant of aargh.
Yarr, wench, where be me grog now?
by jkaki October 12, 2007
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