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Pubic Hair in the vaginal area.
She had her Vagina Garden trimmed into a landing strip.
by Chas501 April 25, 2007
When it's so cold you can see the moisture condense from the vapor similar to seeing your breath.
As if the smell wasn't enough, did you see Chuck passing those arctic farts?
by Chas501 April 26, 2016
A person that becomes a douchbag whenever there is a pretty girl around. Typically, it is either a girl being ignorant out of jealousy, or a guy being ignorant trying to impress the vagina.
Examples of people being a Vagina Douch: Carl is typically such a nice guy, but he becomes a complete douch whenever Valerie is around. Hey did you ever notice what a douch Tina can be when a hot girl is hanging out with us?
by Chas501 July 27, 2008
One of many contrived words that can be used when real words just aren't good enough.
This example uses the action verb form of the contrived word winge.

He's been whinging about the cold weather all day. Duh!!!
by Chas501 November 07, 2007
Yarr! is like saying yeah! It can convey a sense of loss, a feeling of resination, and can even confirm agreement, but more appropriately it's just yeah.

Yarr! My pirate's booty has been stolen.
by Chas501 September 19, 2007
Usually occurs while farting or "break"ing wind. During a windbreak a small unassuming turd seizes the opportunity and sneeks out while the door is open (so to speak).
I can't believe it, but I was out crop dusting in the hallway yesterday and had a jailbreak, so I had to visit the restroom for a cleanup on aisle 5.
by Chas501 July 25, 2008
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