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To express dismay in the manner of a pirate
"Aargh, me hands cut off!"
by dbjag August 22, 2003
Castle where the Holy Grail is supposedly found.
"The Holy Grail shall me found in the Castle of Aaaaaaaargh..."
a word that proclaims sorrow, annoyance, defeat, anger, depression, hopelessness, and confusion.
MOM: No, you can't do anything until this room is clean.
YOU: Aaaargh.

YOU: Aaaaargh my life is meaningless!!

KID: Oh whoops. I spilled grape jelly on your history project.

HERO: Ahha I have slain the villain with no name
VILLAIN WITH NO NAME: Aaaargh I'm defeated

YOU (in a chat full of 6th graders): AAARRGH WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON????
by it shallt not be so January 28, 2005
A pirate exclamation. Meaning anything or nothing more than to remind the listener that the speaker is a pirate. A variant of yarr.
Aargh, wench, where be me grog now?
by JKaki October 15, 2007
What Charlie Brown says after he missing the football.
This time I'm going to kick that football. aargh!
by TunTavern February 04, 2005
imitation of the foulest of form.
aargh matey you will step away from my booze you shum bucket;for i will flog you unmercifully.
by louie February 05, 2005
Its a anomatopoetic word or whatever. Characterizes a sound that people make when they're distressed.
"Aarghhhh ya free tommorow night?"
by The Stephenator December 31, 2004
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