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An old person,and/or someone who is not fun. A kill joy, elder; Fun Hater
While we were car scaping, I looked to the left of me in order to sing an obnoxious song off the radio to another passenger, who was placed in another automobile. The balding patches and discontent look gave me the notion, he was indeed a yamp.
by Allison Burns November 29, 2007
9 36
young tramp
Look at that fine ass yamp ova der
by jessy March 27, 2003
198 54
Young Tramp
That girl sittin at the bar is a true yamp.
by Matt December 24, 2002
132 58
A skank woman, Hoodrat, losse lady.
How many YAMP'S were at the party last nite?
by Mollison Folson December 15, 2005
99 60
A young tramp/an underage hoe
Did you see them yamps kickin it on da corner
by Sincere Da Greatest September 23, 2007
52 14
young ass tramp
(Attending a high school football game at the age of 25 or more): Look at those bomb ass yamps. (Referring to cheerleaders)
by po pimp October 07, 2003
65 47
a person used for sex like a tampon-used then desposed of; also a cum catcher...
Ay yo look at that yamp over der! that bitch stragiht foul, I bet she'd take this dick in the ear too.
by NoLess January 03, 2011
37 25
young tramp; a nasty person
you a nasty ol' yamp.

ya ol' yamp ass.
by FuckShitGotDamn September 17, 2010
16 20