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young tramp
Look at that fine ass yamp ova der
by jessy March 27, 2003
Young Tramp
That girl sittin at the bar is a true yamp.
by Matt December 24, 2002
A skank woman, Hoodrat, losse lady.
How many YAMP'S were at the party last nite?
by Mollison Folson December 15, 2005
A young tramp/an underage hoe
Did you see them yamps kickin it on da corner
by Sincere Da Greatest September 23, 2007
young ass tramp
(Attending a high school football game at the age of 25 or more): Look at those bomb ass yamps. (Referring to cheerleaders)
by po pimp October 07, 2003
a person used for sex like a tampon-used then desposed of; also a cum catcher...
Ay yo look at that yamp over der! that bitch stragiht foul, I bet she'd take this dick in the ear too.
by NoLess January 03, 2011
young tramp; a nasty person
you a nasty ol' yamp.

ya ol' yamp ass.
by FuckShitGotDamn September 17, 2010