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to speak incessantly about nothing.
She just kept yammering on and on and on.
He liked to yammer about himself.
by Ligress March 16, 2006
a pussy licka
Shiane yamz every fuckin girl he knos,..including Courtney Dunn and her KKKusty cousin Meghan
by anomynous June 05, 2003
A set of a giant boobs that are both well shaped and out there. Yammers draw your attention while walking down the street with your girlfriend, creating an awkward pause both you and she notice. Yammers make you stumble. Yammers make you stutter. A set of yammers will disarm the greatest man when he least expect it. Yammers are a way of life.
"I broke my nose when I ran into a pole because I couldn't take my eyes off this chick's of sweaters yammers. I could have drilled for oil in that clevage."
by andthetruthshallsetyoufree April 18, 2015
1. To speak loudly and repetitively

2. To babble continuously
"Will you stop yammering? I'm trying to read this book."

"Billy is excited about the trip, he hasn't stopped yammering about it since we made the plans."

"I must warn you, Bob has a tendency to yammer quite a bit."
by TheWinsteadJamesy May 31, 2014
1.The definition for Yammers is to get dumb hype for no apparent reason
2. to get uncontrollably hype
I was sitting at home watching T.V. and heard Tyga's Lap-dance and started going Yammers
by Sims Dee December 06, 2011
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