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Male in prison, usually black, who is 7+ feet, wieghs 350+ pounds of muscle and with a horsecock.

BUBBA rules the prison by assraping all men smaller than him. Including some of the guards. Has many prison bitches and fucks them until their sphincter has either ripped or reaches the same diameter as a softball.

BUBBA is extremely horny and has a perma-hard-on. STAY AWAY FROM BUBBA'S CROTCH AT ALL TIMES. DO NOT drop the prison soap when BUBBA is near. NEVER piss off BUBBA. Never become BUBBA's cellmate.

To avboid being raped by BUBBA, make him your friend. "CAUTION: BUBBA may still ass rape his friends." Or have the runs during your prison stay.

BUBBA loves to de-virginize prison newbies.

Wardens and Guards may put you in a cell with BUBBA if you did A) a horrible crime or B) piss them off.
-That small, white guy who stole from his company is BUBBA's new cellmate.
-Good. BUBBA will rape him instead of me.

-What happened to Ted?
-He called BUBBA a fag, so BUBBA has been raping him since last night.

Ha-Ha. BUBBA has his eye on you. He's gonna make your ass bleeeeed!

Mike brings BUBBA extra food so he doesn't rape him.

BUBBA raped the new gaurd in front of the other prisoners when the guard tried to take away his cigarettes.
by Anomynous December 20, 2004
Dark or to do with Night time
"the icecream man came to my street at 2 am.. nocturnal bastard!"
by Anomynous April 05, 2005
a pussy licka
Shiane yamz every fuckin girl he knos,..including Courtney Dunn and her KKKusty cousin Meghan
by anomynous June 05, 2003
The Worst commercial idea in existance, spawned by the darkest evils known to man.
"Now it's easy to bling!"
by anomynous April 18, 2005
a weird anime girl who also goes by Jonochi-chan
Your name is Jonochi-chan, vandhana, and your best friend is Hondekuun
by ANOMYNOUS March 10, 2012
The greasy biker type usually spotted in the Wolverhampton area, be careful of these things they have been known to forget to indicate when turning corners.

Other interesting facts about Big Joes:

They Bathe in Kerosine
They Brush their teeth with Petrol
They Drink pure CRUDE OIL!
"You are soooooo Big Joe like!"

"Watch your step!, Big Joes leaking oil!"

"R.I.P. Big Joe" (Famous Video about the original Big Joe)
by Anomynous March 24, 2005
An ancient recipe that been passed down for centries.it contains a bowl of mustard and water,you eat it like cerial
Instead of lucky charms lets get Pofongranny!!!
by Anomynous March 27, 2004

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