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4 definitions by OC

What every guy wants.

aka friends with benefits.
"We were fuck buddies then she got all emotional."
by OC November 26, 2003
Little peice of toliet paper left in the muff after a girl is done going to the bathroom.
I was going to go down on her, but she had some mad muff nuggets
by OC June 11, 2003
Unfortunately nobody can be told what the NULL is…
NULL is the value that we can not define. This is special value used in db that is given to the field when no value was assigned. In practical life we can consider it as no value. It is not zero, it is not letter or any other character this is something that can not be used.
by oc September 12, 2003
Steve Yamnutz
Yammer likes to drink the bizurp
by OC June 13, 2003