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A crowdsourced dictionary of metadata terms from all subject domains and all parts of metadata speech. Stands for Yet Another Metadata Zoo.
Look it up in yamz, and if you don't find the term you want, add it.
by thesalamander November 27, 2013
a large headed boy commonly with unproportionally large lips, a cone shaped head, an abnormally small penis and no pubes
woah look at that blimp lipped freak that has a cock shaped head haha yamz
by timadamryan June 13, 2008
a male code word for good pussy when unable to discuss such things when a female is present
damn bro i got the yamz, last nite and they were amazing
by J-Boxx November 18, 2011
when you see or do something thats all around hip-hop,hyphy,crunk,and/or thizz its yamz :]
that store has hekka fly clothes! its so yamz!
by LadiiFresh&&Bang March 15, 2009

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