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Noun. A smallish younger man with an insationable appetite and a fantastic metabolism. Usually has a shaved head. Always "catting around" and making shifty movements. When engaging in something suspicious, a yak pulls his shirt collar or t-shirt over his mouth just below his nose. He is usually terrible with women, and has to resort to "yakking" them up (see next definition for explanation). Mostly sarcastic in nature, yet still is the butt of most jokes.

Verb. To yak something up means to acquire, or come up on, under shady circumstances, such as women. This process is normally a lucrative event littered with smooth small talk and occurs due to prodding from fellow heathens. The sexual aftermath of being yakked up only lasts about four minutes. Yakking something up can be applied to any situation an is always executed under shady circumstances.

1. Look at that shady little yak in the corner of the bar!

2. I hope he doesn't think he's going to yak me up.

3. Glenn yakked up some sushi before going to the bbq, even though he knew he was going to eat later.
by USS Lady Red September 02, 2007
Congnac. As in the brandy. Used by hip-hop / rap artists
Sippin yak
by j May 09, 2003
to vomit.
hey man, i gotta yak.
by babycakes November 10, 2003
I just got blasted as fuck off that yak
by Eric the Red November 07, 2003
Acronym: Yugoslav, Albanian, Kosovar, Serb.
Used in security bio descriptions.
There's a buch of YAKS, there up to no good.
by Jim Bladwin April 11, 2004
You Already Know
Jimmy: "Yo bro, you better tear it up!"

Omari: "Y.A.K."
by jshur93 January 06, 2012
"First originated in the small town of Danville, Indiana, this word was first used on the baseball team by Alex Mershon. This word describes a situation where you are at a lose of words to describe the amazing feat that has been laid out before your eyes. This is where the word yak is used. Sometimes when something is extra amazing the "a" part of yak can be drawn out to produce the word yaaaaaak"
That's a yak!
by Thebuffa June 10, 2013
You Already Know
"Man, getting up early in the morning sux!"

"Yeah, YAK".
by Fiona Fingers February 05, 2013

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