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1. expulsion of gas
2. exclamation from 3rd grade. by 4th grade you've grauated to "crap" then on to "shit"
1. i farted. it was a hot one.
2. oh fart! i'm about to fall.
by tomskerrit April 23, 2003
1. to throw up (v)
2. a person who pukes a lot (n)
1. that sausage at lunch made me wanna bulemiate
2. Quit, puking, you bulemiate!
by tomskerrit April 23, 2003
ralph, hurl, spew, vomit, upchuck, blow chunks, throw up, heave, wretch, bulemiate, or to Heather (derived from the movie The Heathers)
omigod i'm bout to yak.
by tomskerrit April 23, 2003
a really good killer mike song.
when he drills, he don't spill, even if she's on the pill. very considerate.
by tomskerrit April 23, 2003

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