"First originated in the small town of Danville, Indiana, this word was first used on the baseball team by Alex Mershon. This word describes a situation where you are at a lose of words to describe the amazing feat that has been laid out before your eyes. This is where the word yak is used. Sometimes when something is extra amazing the "a" part of yak can be drawn out to produce the word yaaaaaak"
That's a yak!
by Thebuffa June 10, 2013
a smelly, large, yak-looking female
damn! what a yak!
by doodypunch November 07, 2008
1. prolonged speech without empathy or edification to the listener's subject matter; 2. conversation deemed inappropriate to a situation or the context of the discussion; 3. any conversation heard by a third party
"Yak, yak, yak. Is that all you do is talk?"
"She's yaking on the phone."
"He's yaking only to hear himself talk."
"Quit yaking and get back to work."
"He's just yaking. Off on a tangent. He doesn't know what he's talking about."
by Kurt L. Hanson August 29, 2008
A word primarily used to describe the act of throwing up. However, it can be used in many other contexts which may or may not make sense.
Andrea Conners makes me wanna yak.
by bjd09 February 01, 2009
another way of showing laughter in a text message or cyber conversation. it is used repeatitively. it can be used instead of lol and hahahaha.
BOB: Why did the chicken cross the road?!

STEVEN: I do not know, why?!


STEVEN: yak yak yak yak oh bob, that was a good one!

BOB: yak yak yak, i thought so too!
by sillygoomba April 20, 2009
ralph, hurl, spew, vomit, upchuck, blow chunks, throw up, heave, wretch, bulemiate, or to Heather (derived from the movie The Heathers)
omigod i'm bout to yak.
by tomskerrit April 23, 2003
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Question and Answer

-yo, u tryin' to go to Amsterdam next week?
-o yak... i'll even pay for ur ticket!
by wtf2u December 05, 2010

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