(N)A man's penis
(adj))A particularly stupid person, usually a man
example 1

Jim- "yo man im about to run an play in

Tom- "can you please stop being a yak? honestly? "

example 2

Jim-" yo son this chick Alex sucked my yak yesterday!"

Tom-" Oh shit that's a booster"
by ihad2doit October 05, 2008
ok sons and daughters, there are two definitions of yak.
1. to blow vomit all over the place, or a name for the vomit itself

2. cocaine; a word for the cocaine itself or used in conjunction with other words to describe the state of a user
1. i yaked all over myself after i drank a bunch of tequila

2. look at billy over there all yaked out, the fucking yakhead; maybe he should lay off the yak. hmmmm
by jhemp18 November 09, 2005
A saggy, old, heinous woman, who often shrieks warnings of detentions.
Laura Sunderland.
by dick fitswell August 23, 2003
1. To jizz or cum
2. to beat off and cum on a female.
Dude i'm so shcared to talk to her she's so fine but i would totally yak all over her face.
by elizabeth eppley December 22, 2010
Short form of Yakovlev.
She threw her Yak into a snap-roll to avoid the deadly cannon-fire of the Messerschmitt.
by Sean Brian Kirby February 13, 2004
To hit someone with great force.
Dude, Dickie like totally Yakked on Novin. Lets go Yak both of their asses.
by b-fizzle May 31, 2006
A female, bitch, ho, whore, slut, yampie, whathaveyou.
Man, fuck that yak for drinkin my last beer nigga. I gotsta beat that yak's ass.
by Stixx April 05, 2005

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