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the best tattoo shop in the country (continental US). Located in Hollywood, California. surprisingly, found on Sunset Blvd. Tell them 'babycakes' sent you! (then they'll hurt you real bad!)
i just got new ink at Sunset Strip Tattoo.
by babycakes November 10, 2003
an eatery in the SFV, LA, CA. delicious, low-priced, good food, nice family owns it. no, the owner's name isn't T-Bow, t, teabag, tiddlywink, bow, bowser, bigglesby, or rogers.
hey punk, hurry up, or we'll be late for breakfast at T-Bow's house of eggs.
by babycakes November 10, 2003
a german/hungarian girl changing into a deranged woman. think scary, but adorable.
that's all i need - to babysit another skrau without getting to pet her kitty.
by babycakes November 10, 2003
The act of playing poker while wearing Haute Couture Fashion.
Please join us at Craig and Cory's house for a friendly game of Haute Couture Pokeur.
by Babycakes October 08, 2003
a food particle, clump, piece - rather small, about pebble-size.
this counter would be spotless, if it weren't for the chudley over there!
by babycakes November 10, 2003
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