It's a game when a girl is blowing her man while bouncing his sack in her face, when the guy climax's she yells out "YAHTZEE!" and tries too say it without losing any of the cum in her mouth.
Last night me and wife were bored, so we played a game of Yahtzee! and she lost her penalty was a nice Donkey Punch :]
by Tyler177 December 25, 2009
1.Jackin' off
2.Really hot chick
1.Dude:I played yahtzee all night
Dood:Me too!!
2.Dude:Did you see that chick
by henro37 December 02, 2007
A term used when you hit one of your best friends in the nuts.
When sitting on the couch playing video games and I happen to lose said game I turn to my friend and hit him in the nuts.
Afterwards exclaiming " Yahtzee"
by Smurlman G August 10, 2007
what you say INSTEAD of "ooh burn" when someone is dissed. is the cool way to say it; "burn" is so over done. can also be replaced with rabies.
Girl 1: You're such a bitch!
Girl 2: That's like trying to get a mail-in rebate for something you didn't buy! Thar she blows!!!
Crowd: Oooooh. YAHTZEE!
by Alyssa March 05, 2005
Shouted after a sucessful intraveineous injection is made. Made popular by members of the Cleburne, TX underground.
The long silence was suddenly broken when someone exclaimed, "Yahtzee!"
by NizzleFromCtizzle May 11, 2006
A word yelled when you see a chick with a nice ass. You yell this to inform your boys to look around. When this is heard you know there is a babe walking around and you must find her.
*Chick walks by wearing yoga pants*
Austin: "Holy fuck! Yahtzee!!"
The boys: "WHERE!! WHERE!??"
Austin: "Fahk it you guys missed it"
The boys: "Fahk you tell us next time!!"
by ConeMaster March 14, 2015
1. The phrase used when an event has occured where the second party has been humiliated and debauched by the first party orrrr u fuck up ur friend so he runs up 2 his room n cries while scrapping the sand outta his vagina.
Damn i can't imagine how Travis's mom's labia aint draggin on the floor if his big ass head went through her vagina.
Haha yahtzee!
by Asian April 13, 2005
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