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2 definitions by Tyler177

When you are doing a girl from behind, holding her ear lobes and pulling them hard when you're about to climax you tug as hard as you can and yell out "Woah easy girl!"
I was doing my gf and I performed a stallion rodeo when I climaxed, she stared and me with an angry face I couldn't help but laugh!
by Tyler177 December 24, 2009
It's a game when a girl is blowing her man while bouncing his sack in her face, when the guy climax's she yells out "YAHTZEE!" and tries too say it without losing any of the cum in her mouth.
Last night me and wife were bored, so we played a game of Yahtzee! and she lost her penalty was a nice Donkey Punch :]
by Tyler177 December 25, 2009