What a male shouts to his male friends when he sees a Really Hot Chick
(Guy sees hot chick)
Other guy: Oh yeah!
by UW-MADISON April 28, 2004
What you yell when you cum in a girl's mouth after a blowjob where she actively played with your balls.
Oh baby you're amazing...Here it comes...YAHTZEE!!
by Number8Bunny August 29, 2010
a phrase typically shouted or exclaimed when one succeeds at something, whether it be a minor something or a major something.
Marco - "hey, dude! watch me shoot this crumpled paper into the waste bin! betcha i'ma make it, bitch!

Jonah - "yeah, i'd like to see you try, bitch!"

Marco - shoots crumpled paper at waste bin. "Yahtzee!!"

Jonah - "dude, whatever, you can just go to hell."
by heybeekay July 15, 2010
When one is having sex with another and is about to bust a big load all over the girl. The man takes the jizz in his hand and yells YAHTZEE! while throwing the cum into the girls face. This may result in a slap, punch in the balls, kick in the balls or if extreme enough... choking. Which of course if that happens, punch her in the stomach 3 times and the cum should gradually come back up.
I was fucking some bitch and i pulled a yahtzee all up in her grill.
by J-Nelly D November 08, 2006
when a man blows his load inside a woman
So last night me and sally were boning on the couch, and i was about to yahtzee for fifteen minutes.
by extreme dan July 02, 2006
When a finger is inserted into your bum hole whislit hooking up/having sex. Some girls don't like anal but they most DEFINITELY love being yahtzee'd. I.e. the best thing ever to girls about to get off. Guys: JUST DO IT
When your hooking up, and/or having sex and a finger (or two) is conspicuously inserted into your bum hole.

Girl: (wow this sex is great, im almost there)

Boy: (wow this sex is great but it'd be so much better if....)

*insert finger in bum hole*

Girl: WOW!!! *moans and screams in intense pleasure*

Boy: "YAHTZEE BITCH!!!!!!!!"
by Italianbabe January 22, 2013
Expression used to capture the moment of conquest, finality.
A: "Man, where the hell are my keys??? I can't find anything after that party!"

B: "Yo, Bruce, YAHTZEE...man! Here they be!"
by Andreaux February 23, 2012
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