The act of coming after you masturbate/ receive a hand job.
Bill: Dude, what did you do last night? I heard weird noises coming from your room.

Steve: *shakes fist furiously then opens hand as if rolling dice* YAHTZEE!!!
by RedHotSgtPeppers October 31, 2009
The most awesome video game critic to ever grace this existence, whose real name is Ben Croshaw. He managed to do all of two freelance reviews before he was quickly snatched up by The Escapist, where he now does weekly reviews in his own section, Zero Punctuation. This fast-talking, humor-filled critic with a British accent rambles on for three or four minutes almost without pause, illustrating his thoughts with a simple, yet amusing style of animation, and the kinds of offhand cracks that will have you falling out of your chair. If you've never heard of him, you should go and see Zero Punctuation.
Dude, did you see Yahtzee's review of Guitar Hero 3?
Yeah man, I almost pissed myself!
by Fresnel January 29, 2008
exclamation, to be declared when something extremely serendipitous has occured without priory warning.
Dave: Dude, Angelina Jolie came round to my house last night and sucked me off, and then we wacthed a repeat of night rider on the TV - with David Hasselhoff
by the hoff July 06, 2005
synonymous to "that's what she said"
Person A: That went in so deep.
Person B: Yahtzee.
by boobymama January 25, 2009
When a girl is attractive and you want to have sex with her you roll your hands if you are tossing dice and say "Yahtzee" with slight emphasis.OR If you know you are about to get laid, you simply say to your friends while rolling the dice "Yahtzee"
A fine girl walks by you roll and say "Yahtzee" Or As you leave the room with a girl ...roll and say "Yahtzee" to all your buddies.
by School-bus-bus November 21, 2007
When you are "doing" a girl from behind and you are about to bust you pull out.You then spit on her back and as she turns around you bust in your hand, shake it up and throw it in her face as you exclaim "Yahtzee!"
I was fucking my girlfriend last night and I totally yahtzeed her.
by K-Mal March 01, 2007
a word shouted when something you see (feel, touch, smell, etc.) is pleasing to any of the five senses, including the genitals.
Avery: *points to male figure with large biceps*
Katie: YAHTZEE!!!
by imnotblackbutilikewatermelon September 13, 2009
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