A word most koreans use to get your attention or to get mad at you
Ya, Get back to work
ya, you over there
by Krist0ffer July 11, 2006
Something hawaiian natives say after every other sentence.
The floor is dirty ya

You are a fast runner ya
by Dro23 September 03, 2008
a perfectly good answer to any question ever asked.
What do you want to eat? Ya. Who is dumber, john kerry or john edwards? Ya.
by Rinos Richardson February 19, 2005
Means Yahoo Answers when referring to the website. Used by mainly Yahoo fans. The expression is from Yahoos logo. The "Y" means Yahoo, The exclamation mark is from the yahoo logo "!" after "Yahoo!" and the "A" is from the Answers part of the logo on the Yahoo Answers webpage.
Johnny: What's that new Viral video about man?

Ryan: Dunno haven't seen it ask on Y!A
by Heff Heff Heff January 09, 2012
The texting word for "yes".
Your girlfriend texts you, "Do you want a blowjob?"
You reply "Ya"
by fire marshal bill March 14, 2010
your (possessive)
You best protect ya neck
by dex digital January 19, 2004
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