The best website on the internet. Just don't say anything about sex, drugs, swear words, masturbation, whores, killing, abuse, violence, Alabama Hot Pockets, or anything else FUN. If you do, beware... you will get reported and will get a violation. And not the good kind.
Person 1) Someone on Y!A said I should break up with you.
Person 2) Maybe I should break your face ho!
by Big E, little m September 21, 2007
An irritating way of saying either "yes" or "yeah". Either way they mean it makes you want to punch the person who said it in the face because they are to lazy to pronounce the ending to their words.
"That was awesome" "Ya" *punch slap kick karate chop bite knee in stomach pinch punch again bam*
A woman's way of saying yes and she does not care. Stop talking to her or about it.
Friend: I went to the Browns game yesterday, it was a disaster.

Girl: Ya
by Okay ya. October 02, 2011
In California: Abbreviation for Youth Authority aka California Youth Authority. Juvenile prison system in Cali.
I just got outta YA for that drive-by...let's go kill some hoes dog!
by oregafro December 09, 2006
An English or English sounding Scottish Prep who attends a private boarding school.
Guys- Usually has fair hair, (eg. prince William & Harry) Plays rugby,
Girls- Long Fair hair ,When it is tied up looks like it only took two minuites but took likr an hour, denim mini skirts with hunter wellies and Ralph lauren polo shirts with the collars up!
Tom - Hey Jools fancy a game of rugby?!
Jools- Ya!
by Muffin182 June 20, 2006
Crucian for HERE.

Origin; St. Croix US Virgin Islands
I deh ya, come check me.
--I am here, come see me.
by CruzianSumthin August 19, 2008
Youth authority
Juniors up at y.a. rite now

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