you awful
Tim:so do you think my tities are lookin better
Mandi:you have disgusting man boobs
by provider44 January 14, 2010
one of those terribly annoying people that wears pastel pashminas and has daddys credit card and seems to be on the phone constantly. and won't talk to you if you don't appear to be of similar stock.
yah:(on phone) oh, ya ya, ya ya, oh totally, ya ya ok, ya, bye.
by Clairee November 04, 2003
You're Amazing, contracted to Y.A. Said in response to someone bragging about themselves. Usually with a heavy dose of sarcasm.
Person 1: "I've been going to the gym 5 times a week, I'm really in the best shape I've ever been in"

Person 2: "oh, Y.A.... Y fricking A"
by amazingness82 June 03, 2010
An shorter excited version of yeah.

Rob: Want to Burn?
Cody: YA!
by NickCody March 11, 2008
most of the time used to agree with somebody or sometihng (television)
sometimes used to show that you already know something
Also sometimes replaces "you"
1. GF: I still apeal to you, right?
BF: Ya

2. GF: Because you still apeal to me... cuz youre still hot.
BF: Ya

3. BF: Ya wanna go do something?
GF: Um, ok?
by Locolan August 04, 2006
Meaning Yah, in abbreviation.
Yah, I know what you mean.
by Nameless person February 24, 2003
yes in german, commonly used in germany
"ya" german person nods in agreement.
by salmal3456 September 02, 2007

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