coloured, white always imprinted with a lil picture of some sought eg; beige amsterdams,pink playboys, red- green mitzibishiz. effect: varies from person 2 person. some people get shutter vision, feel sexy etc... pupils look like 20inch rims. effect lessens and doesnt feel as good the more and longer you keep taking- recommended dosage 2 bikkies each month.
if you havn't tried hears some 1st hand knowledge xtc...
by jenzta July 13, 2006
A loosely affiliated NYC graffiti crew founded by JA. Also an english pop band.
Chino is down with XTC.
by J June 28, 2003
X-Tournaments Crew, XTC, usually consisting of Lil Poison and Poison.
X-Tournaments Crew has gotten top 8 at all the MLG's this season.
by Gotham March 11, 2005
eXtreme Terror Continuum
You were just killed by XtC!
by Kevin April 27, 2003

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